SERIOUSLY CUSTOMIZED – the NEW custom packs EXCLUSIVELY available at our website

Over the last few years we have received many requests from our customers, asking if it’s possible to order a pack of seeds with multiple different strains in it. The most requests came from growers who wanted to try two different varieties from us, but didn’t have space for two FULL packs of seeds. We put our heads together and came up with a SERIOUS solution for this problem: a SERIOUSLY CUSTOMIZED pack of seeds!

Imagine a bright, green future! Words and pictures from Sensi Seeds

Have you ever thought about what the UK could be like if cannabis was fully legalized? I’ll bet you a Henry you have. It doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination, and cannabis users tend to be an imaginative lot. If you’ve visited the Netherlands, especially its coffeeshop epicentre of Amsterdam, it’s virtually impossible not to daydream about what our scepter’d isle could be like if its outdated, indefensible cannabis legislation changed.

Blow Mind Auto®, a trip through the Sweet Seeds’ labyrinths written by Jaypp, Sweet Seeds

I’m very glad to tell about my experience with Blow Mind Auto® (Sweet Seeds variety SWS57) with all the readers of Weed World magazine by sharing this grow report. When 2016 started I already had nine seeds germinated from this strain that was recently released into the market by this great seedbank specialized in top quality feminized and autoflowering seeds.