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Surge in Cannabis Pollen Levels

Allergies are rife at this time of year, but for the people of Spain, it might not be typical flower pollen tickling their nose hairs.

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All You Need to Know About Purple Cannabis

In the universe of cannabis strains you can find many plants that stand out for their unique beauty. For a lot of cannabis lovers these are the plants that get purple tones either in their flowers or leaves. 


Instagrammer Of The Month issue 165 – @conscious_genetics

The Instagrammer of the month is chosen on our main instagram page! Simply share and tag your grows with us and you may be picked! To be in with a chance of showcasing your grows on our instagram page, website and hard copy magazine, please direct message us!

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Product Reviews = Vape Expectations

In case you haven’t been brought up to speed yet, the main function of a vaporizer is to remove the element of combustion from the traditional method of consumption

Medical cannabis: What practitioners need to know

The South African (SA) Constitutional Court recently decriminalised the private cultivation, possession and use of cannabis by adults. Cannabis contains varying amounts of the cannabinoids delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), depending on various cultivation factors.

Lawnmower Simulator

I know what you’re probably thinking: Why on Earth does this game even exist? More importantly, why would anyone bother playing it? If ever there was a seemingly less appealing idea for a videogame then you’d be hard pressed to find it and mowing lawns surely has to rank pretty low on anybody’s list of ‘Things I wish there were more of in games.

Music Review Freez – Flamin’ Goes featuring Mike Ladd- by PSY23

Quite how Freez haven’t gained global recognition yet is beyond me, but it probably has something to do with the fact that they are way beyond what you might define as a ‘traditional’ outfit. Mixing together elements of jazz, hip-hop, rock and electronic music through an extensive live band, beat boxing and a DJ and…