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Weed World magazine has been published since 1991 and has dispelled myths and untruths about cannabis. The ethos for the magazine has always remained to educate people through knowledge and light-hearted fun. To step outside of taboo and talk freely about what others were so afraid to say.  Over the years Weed World remained solid pressing forward with prohibition, exploring the medical benefits of marijuana, best strains, laws, growing mediums, grow/smoke reports, deficiency charts, self help guides, breeders, the ever-changing history of cannabis and reporting them to world. We remain the same in our ideas and always provide heavy content in our magazine about cannabis, you will also see amazing images (bud porn), reporting real peoples stories of how they manage their illnesses through using medical marijuana. Over 2 decades the magazine has gone through many face-lifts and seen many changes and attitudes in different countries good and bad.

This is what you can find in every copy!

  • Stunning cannabis images
  • Up to date local and global cannabis news
  • Marijuana medical news
  • Real-life medical stories from readers about marijuana; curing their cancer and helping with illnesses
  • Breeders and the history of the strains
  • Grow journals
  • Strain reports
  • Interviews from leading specialist from Cannabis community
  • Cannabis cup info
  • Laws
  • Legislations
  • And so much more

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Weed World magazine issue 143 – Hard Copy


We have a new writer Bethan Jenkins welcome to the Weed World family, her piece looks at why “Colorado Tokers are partial to a puff of UK Cheese”, do not miss this heartfelt piece about a father talking about his daughter and managing severe autism with cannabis “Cannabis as Medicine in the treatment of severe autism”.

Weed World magazine issue 143- Download


We have a new series “Women of Weed World”, this series looks at women who work in the Cannabis industry starting with Aimee Warner. Paul James looks at “How Hemp can save the environment” and Frenchy Cannoli last piece with us for a while “California Legalization” this article looks at the current situation in California plus so much more.