Growing and Comparing 2 Heavyweights from Sweet Seeds®

I recently received two packets of autoflowering seeds from the Sweet Seeds®’ genetic collection. The 7th Generation autoflowering Skywalker OG Runtz XL Auto® (SWS97) and the delicious Purple Punch OG XL Auto® (SWS96), a strain that I already knew to some extent, as I had the opportunity to grow the photoperiod-dependent version last year with outstanding results.

Women Of Weed World, Mary Jane Oatman – By Sharon Letts

Mary Jane “MJ” Oatman is the Founder of THC Magazine, “Tribal Hemp & Cannabis,” a publication focusing on Hemp and Cannabis freedoms of Indigenous people on tribal land in the U.S. And, yes, Mary Jane is her given birth name. Mary Jane Oatman Representing Indigenous People and their Relationship to Cannabis on Tribal Lands in America.

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