Tea for Two – By Sybil Powell

After an illness and a very wet summer I gave up golf, it was a game which I enjoyed as one might describe the bottom level. I sold up my clubs, golf trolley and all the accessories a keen but poor golfer collects to try to improve their game. I still have numerous “how to improve your game” books and DVDS. But the space in time after I’d finished and started something else I got to thinking wouldn’t it be nice if someone invented a set of clubs that would always shoot the ball just were you wanted it. The more I thought about it and its implications the more I felt a book coming on, this is how “Tee for Two” was born.
As I am a woman it seemed right to place it in the female professional game with its competitiveness sponsorship and behind the scenes dealing, mix those with the personal relationships formed on and off the tour, it was just asking to be written. I must mention it is a work of pure fiction but readers have told me for all that it is plausible in the circumstances governing the story and an enjoyable read.