Macklemore – Glorious

In preparation for his next album (this time without his faithful sidekick Ryan Lewis), Macklemore returns to the scene with a typically humble track and a brilliantly down-to-earth video to back it up. Glorious is exactly what you might expect from him and has his trademark smooth delivery peppered all over its easy-listening piano riffs and a great hook sung by Skylar Grey.

Epidemiological characteristics, safety and efficacy of medical cannabis in the elderly

There is a substantial growth in the use of medical cannabis in recent years and with the aging of the population, medical cannabis is increasingly used by the elderly. Our study finds that the therapeutic use of cannabis is safe and efficacious in the elderly population. Cannabis use may decrease the use of other prescription medicines, including opioids. Gathering more evidence-based data, including data from double-blind randomized-controlled trials, in this special population is imperative.