Sons of Trillion: Part 1 (SoT Series) – David J. Khan

It’s always nice to discover a new author who is doing their own thing and David J. Khan has (to date) released a number of novels spanning a range of contemporary genres. Sons of Trillion has now hit the online shelves (the first trilogy in a series of six books in total) and takes place in a fictional world, Talos, which shares many similarities with our universe but has some incredibly magical twists.

Medical cannabis rules still hazy for Canadian convicts, judgment shows

“These practical considerations do not require D-Day logistics,” Brown wrote. “The focus should be not just on the wording of the condition … but on developing an informational and supervisory system that ensures the offender knows what they must do and how to go about it with the advice and oversight of their parole officer and health liaison.”

Efficacy of artisanal preparations of cannabidiol for the treatment of epilepsy: Practical experiences in a tertiary medical center

Medically refractory epilepsy continues to be a challenge worldwide, and despite an increasing number of medical therapies, approximately 1 in 3 patients continues to have seizures. Cannabidiol (CBD), one of many constituents of the Cannabis sativa or marijuana plant, has received renewed interest in the treatment of epilepsy. The most common reported side effect of CBD was sedation in less than 4% of patients, all of whom were also taking clobazam. Increased alertness and improved verbal interactions were reported in 14% of patients in the CBD group and 8% of patients in the CBD and clobazam group. Benefits were more marked in the CBD alone group, in contrast to the CBD and clobazam group.