Is Ducksfoot real?

Hello Professor, My cousin just came back from a trip to Holland and said the people he stayed with were growing the weirdest marijuana plants he had ever seen. They told him it was a strain called Ducksfoot because the leaves were webbed and looked like a ducks foot. He said most of the plants…

Cannabis and intractable chronic pain: an explorative retrospective analysis of Italian cohort of 614 patients

Despite growing interest in the therapeutic use of cannabis to manage chronic pain, only limited data that address these issues are available. In recent years, a number of nations have introduced specific laws to allow patients to use cannabis preparations to treat a variety of medical conditions. We present the first analysis of Italian clinical practice of the use of cannabinoids for a large variety of chronic pain syndromes. From this initial snapshot, we determined that the treatment seems to be effective and safe, although more data and subsequent trials are needed to better investigate its ideal clinical indication.