Grease Monkey Bubble Hash Bred by Exotic Genetics
, Processed by Mr. Bond 420
, Grown by Old E and Bleezy of Mendo Dope, Words by The Dank Duchess

Going big is not always the key to long lasting success, but sometimes, it is the perfect expression of long years of dedication, sacrifice, and faith. At the Emerald Cup, California’s premier outdoor cannabis cup, hundreds of the finest growers and processors vie for a few coveted spots indicating they are at the top of their game. Competition is fierce and unyielding.

Royal Sour Hashish (grown by Swami Select and processed by Frenchy Cannoli) by Dank Duchess

Every so often we are lucky to experience a collaboration between people whose deep understanding of our unique connection to the plant produces an extraordinary creation. Reverence for the terroir (the soil, water, micro climate, natural soil composition) infuses the cannabis with a special quality inherent to its place of growth. Royal Sour Hashish is of pedigree stock, grown in expert conditions, and processed with the utmost care. When given the opportunity to smoke eye popping combination of factors, I expect this experience is going to be practically holy.

Hash #13 Frenchy Cannoli

Hash Report by The Dank Duchess – Hash Plant #13 x Maui Waui

It is often remarked that, in life, good things come to those who wait: the sweetest joys take time to build, grow and mature. In the world of Hashish, once goodness has been attained, a period of patient curing and aging turns the merely great into truly phenomenal. Aficionado Seeds’ Master Breeder, Mene Gene, created Hash Plant #13 (Indica) x Maui Waui (Sativa-dominant) full-spectrum Hashish more than 5 years ago and today she is a robust and delicious hash-terpiece.