Canberra becomes the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use

Canberra has become the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use. As of Friday, Canberra residents over 18 will be allowed to possess 50g of cannabis and grow two plants per person. A household can only have four plants total and hydroponic growing will remain illegal, The ABC reported. Authorities have warned that the new Australian Captial Territory laws, however, conflict with federal legislation. 

The Role of Medicinal Cannabis in Clinical Therapy: Pharmacists’ Perspectives

Medicinal cannabis has recently attracted much media attention in Australia and across the world. With the exception of a few countries, cannabinoids remain illegal-known for their adverse effects rather than their medicinal application and therapeutic benefit. However, there is mounting evidence demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in alleviating neuropathic pain, improving multiple sclerosis spasticity, reducing chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, and many other chronic conditions.