Sky Black overcomes his heroin addiction with cannabis, read his story!

A stick that is often used by policy makers to beat back calls to relax attitudes towards cannabis is that it is a ‘gateway’ drug. The argument goes that weed is just one step down a long and slippery slope that leads to a smorgasbord of harder drugs and puts the user at risk of falling victim to addiction. But, what if cannabis could be part of the solution as opposed to the perception that it is part of the problem? What if cannabis had a role, not as a gateway, but as an exit gate for harder drugs such as heroin?

Sarai’s Knowledge is Changing the Cannabis Conversation

Most people in the cannabis industry have spent years surviving in the shadows, keeping secrets, and battling the stigmas created by decades of propaganda and prohibition. Sarai Knowledge knows all about keeping such secrets and facing stigmas through her crippling struggle with epilepsy. She credits cannabis with helping her live a more fulfilling life and giving her the courage to share her story


Decriminalization of all drugs in Israel

After years of conservatism and “Reefer Madness” style propaganda, the Israeli “Anti Drug Authority” had surprisingly decided to support decriminalization of all drugs. The Minister of Internal Security is strongly against the idea, but many Israelis feel now they finally have a chance to change the drug policy in the country – and they aren’t going to let this opportunity go to waste.

2016 The Tipping Point

The election is behind us in California, the controversial Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) passed, and we are now looking at a possibly over-policed, overregulated and overtaxed future with little potential of economic survival for most our small cannabis farmers or little hope that our inner cities will be able to share in the promised wealth the “Green Rush” will bring to California.

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caseys garden

Happy Days Farm – Harvest Time

Bringing to a close the long cultivation season and marching us inexorably towards winter. This fall has been a wet one; the last time I can remember close to this much rain during October was 2007, and I don’t think that year was nearly as wet as this year has been. Our rainwater collection pond has gone from nearly empty to nearly full in the space of three weeks.

The incredible cost benefit of home grown cannabis. Save 90-99% on the street price – By Dutch Passion

Cannabis street prices rarely decrease; often it remains surprisingly expensive to buy whether you buy from a legal outlet or from a dealer. But the cost of growing your own cannabis has never been cheaper. Growing your own cannabis is also easier than ever, thanks to the wide range of growing equipment, which is easily available, online or in any local grow shop.