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Weed World Magazine Issue 80


Issue 80, International best seller just keeps growing! Pages and pages of articles. Your favourite read. Jamaica revisited, latest news, competitions. Packed full – as usual

Weed World Magazine Issue 84


Issue 84, Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? News and reviews, Hydroponics, essential grow equipment, harvesting info and more besides.. Order your copy before they sell out.

Weed World Magazine Issue 85


Issue 85, Rick Simpson – Freedom Fighter, News and reviews, the truth about white widow, Applejack strain, Erics Kitchen, all the usual goodies and much more.

Weed World Magazine Issue 86


Issue 86, Judge Dready and California’s Medical Industry, Famous Smoker Willy Nelson, more on Rick Simpson, Jorges Diamonds, Ministry of Cannabis Carnival…. and much more.

Weed World Magazine Issue 87


Issue 87, Goodbye to Jack Herer, Humboldt County, Auto flowering Quasar Seeds, Readers Tales, Reviews, New, Famous Smokers and much much more.

Weed World Magazine Issue 88


Issue 88, Onward to full legalization! Billy McCann exposed!, LED Lighting – The way of the future? 2010 Global Marijuana March – Argentina and much more!

Weed World Magazine Issue 89


Issue 89, HEMP …the cure-all, Strawberry Bubba Kush – Two legendary gene pools collide, Caba Cup – Buenos Aires, Howard Marks has his say… and much much more!

Weed World Magazine Issue 91


Issue 91, Flowering with LED’s, Cannabis + Capitalism = Corporate Takeover, Serious Seeds Interview, Taking cuttings, Plus all your favourite columns

Weed World Magazine Issue 92


Issue 92, Legends Of Hash, New Auto Strains, Emerald Triangle now in the UK, The Original Pot Doctor, Plus all your favorite columns, pictures etc etc etc.

Weed World Magazine Issue 93


Issue 93, Med Grow in Oregon, Weed World takes a look at a med grow in Oregon, read a round-up of Shisha products, South Bay Ray takes us “Surfing Stoned” and could the Olympic Torch for 2012 be made of hemp?