Serious Seeds strain story Autoflowering White Russian #1 – Serious Seeds’ autoflowering premiere Text & Photos: Green Born Identity – G.B.I.

It took a while until Serious Seeds jumped onto the auto flowering wagon, with its own auto strain; such things always take a bit longer there, but of course the laudable reason for this is to be found in the high quality demand that Serious Seeds is committed to for the sake of the customer.

4th Generation Autos A great step forward in the development of autoflowering strains Word and Pics by Jaypp

There is no doubt that we are living a very productive period in the present cannabic world when it comes to breeding new varieties. We now have strains with very attractive and striking colours, but also an extensive range of aromas and effects that turn the growing of this beautiful plant into something even more engaging and exciting.

Dairy Queen by TGA Genetics Smoke Report Written by Skunk-mad.

When I got given the Dairy Queen to test there were 2 very distinct phenotype`s. The 1st pheno was very cheese dominant, with a nice compact, tight bud structure, very dense hard buds, still very sticky to the touch (after a 8 week cure) and a real nice amount of trichomes which when looked at under a 100x scope were 35% amber/60%cloudy/5%clear. Phenotype 2 had a much more fluffy texture with still nice chunky buds bud not as hard and dense as pheno 1

T.H. Seeds strain story Dawg Star: Sweet Dreams – From Dusk till Dawg Words & Pictures by Green Born Identity – G.B.I.

What if one mostly sativa and three heavyweight indica strain champions united to throw a party? They certainly wouldn’t ask for a sultry dance, but rather send everybody sprawling on the sofa. And if those four strains were Sour Diesel, Purple Kush, Mazar I Sharif and OG Kush, a new star would be born at that party!