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Posted on : 11th June 2020
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Category : Mendo Dope
Tags : The Green Dope project, Cannabis, Mendo Dope
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Welcome to: “The Green Dope Project”. This documentary will show the full 2018 season filmed from start to finish on our new 10,000 sq.ft permitted California legal marijuana grow. Learn how we grew the top 10 best outdoor in the world voted by the Emerald Cup, NaturalCannabis Company and Cannabis Now…just to name a few. Soundtrack Featuring the upcoming album… “Live In The Garden” Season 3 Mendo Dope and Greenshock Farms have joined forces to bring the world “Green Dope”. Combining grow styles and techniques these Emerald Triangle farmers are setting a higher standard with outdoor grown Cannabis. Greenshock Farms is known for their top of the line in house genetics and high terpene strains. Mendo Dope specializes in growing massive trees, producing only the best quality ganja while helping spread the message of the Cannabis Culture to the world. With over 30 years of experience combined Mendo Dope and Greenshock Farms have mastered the art of cultivation. Rooted in the Mendocino soil these organic growers pride themselves on producing nothing but the cleanest and tastiest flowers. FOR MORE INFO VISIT – Mendo Dope on Twitter – Facebook –… Instagram – Soundcloud – Official Merch – SUBSCRIBE