Women Of Weed World, Mary Jane Oatman – By Sharon Letts

Mary Jane “MJ” Oatman is the Founder of THC Magazine, “Tribal Hemp & Cannabis,” a publication focusing on Hemp and Cannabis freedoms of Indigenous people on tribal land in the U.S. And, yes, Mary Jane is her given birth name. Mary Jane Oatman Representing Indigenous People and their Relationship to Cannabis on Tribal Lands in America.

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Researchers are feeding chickens cannabis instead of antibiotics

An organic farm in northern Thailand has been feeding chickens cannabis for over a year now in a bid to keep the birds off antibiotics, Business Insider reported. The method seems to be working so far.
Excessive usage of antibiotics is a problem that has plagued the poultry industry for many decades. Estimates suggest that 70 percent of the antibiotics approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for poultry are already in use on farms today. This disproportionate use of antibiotics has given rise to antibiotic resistance that not only affects the birds but also has an impact on humans.