Barney’s Farm Strain Story – Skywalker OG Auto, An Auto-Trip into the Clouds!

A US strain highly popular in pot shops, on its wave of success Skywalker OG swarn to Europe. Directly into the hands of Barney’s Farm in the Netherlands, amongst others. Barney’s decided not to simply reproduce Skywalker OG 1:1, but equip it with an automatic blooming gear box, thus developing it further into an autoflowing variety.

A Barney’s Farm Strain Story – A Strongly Prickling Bumper Yielder, By Green Born Identity

Strawberry Lemonade not only boasts a bodacious aroma and effect, her grow characteristics read pretty excellent as well – after a flowering period of 60-70 days, growers can look forward to a maximum indoor harvest of up to 700g/m2. Out in the open, she has proven to be a great performer, too, producing yields of up to 2.5 kilos per plant.

Gorilla Zkittlez, Super Ape Loves Candy! – Barney’s Farm Strain Story – By G.B.I.

I am talking about Sweet Pure Auto CBD® (SWS75), a 6th generation autoflowering strain included in the Sweet Seeds® therapeutic line due to its high CBD content and which has been shown a very good acceptance after its release in the market. In addition to its high cannabidiol (CBD) content, another highly valued feature is that it contains almost no THC (less than 1%), so it has no psychoactive effects.