Lawnmower Simulator

I know what you’re probably thinking: Why on Earth does this game even exist? More importantly, why would anyone bother playing it? If ever there was a seemingly less appealing idea for a videogame then you’d be hard pressed to find it and mowing lawns surely has to rank pretty low on anybody’s list of ‘Things I wish there were more of in games.

The Outer Worlds – XO/PC – By PSY-23

Despite the ever-growing popularity of online multiplayer games, I still find myself drawn to single player experiences more than anything else. Any game with a solid narrative, decent controls and a world to explore is usually worthy of my time, but certain games have the potential to draw me in for a much longer duration than others. Ever since I got lost in the fantastic open worlds of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, I’ve been waiting for a solid RPG to come along and it feels like The Outer Worlds is a worthy contender.