The Outer Worlds – XO/PC – By PSY-23

Despite the ever-growing popularity of online multiplayer games, I still find myself drawn to single player experiences more than anything else. Any game with a solid narrative, decent controls and a world to explore is usually worthy of my time, but certain games have the potential to draw me in for a much longer duration than others. Ever since I got lost in the fantastic open worlds of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, I’ve been waiting for a solid RPG to come along and it feels like The Outer Worlds is a worthy contender.

Watchdogs 2 – XO/PS4/PC (18)

Ubisoft clearly took this on board and Watchdogs 2 takes everything which was great about the first game and multiplies it by some magnitude but has also added in bags of character. This offers the perfect upgrade to the original and delivers life, humor and bags of attitude to the package as you cause chaos on the path to uncovering the truth behind some shady surveillance. Fun, edgy and brilliantly executed.