Dutch Passion strain story An autoflowering strain that changes your mind: Think Different text & Photos: Green Born Identity

Autoflowering strains keep on improving in performance quality, meanwhile competing with traditional ones in terms of potency and yield. Dutch Passion is leading in this field, and with one of their latest AutoFem strain releases Think Different, they aim at setting a new standard that stands out of the crowd.

Dirt Farmer – Purple Tears

I started growing for myself in 2010. I deal with some chronic pain issues from about 25 years of riding a skateboard and Cannabis provided me a safe alternative to deal with the pain. I’ve always been a do-it-yourself kind of person as well as a creative person my whole life, so it’s in my nature to create things – it’s kind of what I do. These feelings of wanting to create something for the cannabis world hit me in late 2012